Medical Information Quality Archive

MIQA is a system that supports structured and automated collection of RT data. This software package contains the services and tools to
setup and maintain the database. It contains images and treatment related information that can be used for validation and research.

Current features


  • Validates incoming files and extracts information into the database
  • Retrieves diagnosis from oncology information system (MOSAIQ, ARIA)
  • Retrieves treatment information, planned and actual treatment
  • Maps structures to standard terminology
  • Can be started with GUI or as Windows service

MIQA Management

  • Highlights missing data or conflicting data
  • Manual correction of diagnosis, treatment, structures, etc.
  • Review information and send selected parameters to INCA-platform
  • Anonymize and export data with corrections and OIS, TPS data
  • View and search DICOM objects


  • Computes selected parameters for every fraction of treatment
  • Configurable parameters including dose, volume, relative measures and more.
  • Connected to the INCA-platform for instant reporting of actual statistics

MIQA DICOM service

  • DICOM node accepting exports from OIS/TPS and delivering files to MIQA
  • Supported DICOM modalities: CT, MR, PT, REG, RTSTRUCT, RTDOSE

Database and application version 2.0. Release date: 2016-08-26
Standardized Swedish naming convention for radiation therapy. Release date: 2015.


MIQA is available for download for Swedish hospitals via IBM Connections.

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