The Project Team


Simon Lindgren – Project Manager
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Prof. Mikael Karlsson – Chairman

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Prof. Tufve Nyholm – Operative project manager

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Prof. Lars E. Olsson – Operative project manager

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 Work package leads

Development and collaboration (2013-2016)

Lars Filipsson – Optimisation of sequences and markers

Joakim Jonsson – Dose planning MR in RT

Stina Svensson – Registration and automated segmentation

Prof. Peter Lundberg – QA and geometric distorsions

Adalsteinn Gunnlaugsson – Clinical methods/functional MR


Clinical implementation of MR only radiotherapy (2016-2019)

Maja Sohlin – H&N patients

Petra Ambolt – Prostate patients

Joakim Jonsson – Gynae and cervix patients

Martin Lundmark – H&N patients