Gentle Radiotherapy - In one minute

The project; Since all cancer treatment have adverse effects on the patient, we have to do it right  the first time for every individual patient, this increases the chance of cure without harming the patient - “Gentle therapy”.

The background to the project is that a diagnosis of cancer today does not describe tumor biology well enough. This information is necessary to individualise treatment before initiating it.

New research shows that MRI cameras (magnetic resonance imaging) can describe tumor biology. This is a tool that radiologists normally use for diagnostic purposes rather than treatment plans.

Our project aims to integrate these research findings into clinical processes during 2017-2019. We also keep strict focus on efficiency to avoid increasing the costs of health care.

The consortium consists of four teaching hospitals associated with academia and 6 important industrial companies.

The long-term goal is to create a large-scale national world class platform for cancer treatment. 

The benefit of this is to carry out activities of international prominence within; Cancer Treatment, Clinical Research, Education, Product Development and act as Product demonstration plants.



How has the project affected RT planning?